My name is Jevgenija Zukova. To pronounce it, read this instead – Yevgeneeya Zhukova. I’m a Russian from Latvia, who currently lives in UK! I’ve lived in UK for 6 years now and I realised that very few people are aware that HSPs exist.

Life is Acid and Sweet is a refuge for creative highly sensitive people such as myself. It is possible that art is our only reliable source of managing our emotions. However, there aren’t many of us in the world, and so the science behind our problems isn’t researched too well. I’ve started this blog to gather a community of HSPs that are willing to learn more about themselves and move forward in their lives.

Through my stories I show how to be a brave highly sensitive person, to live your life as you want to, to always grow and learn new things.

Thank you for checking in, and see you around!

Posts categories and schedule:

New StoryFlash Fiction

I post 2 times a week and the types of posts you’ll see on the blog will go under these names: New story and Flash Fiction Saturdays.

  • New story: Something new to try or learn for Highly Sensitive People.
  • Flash Fiction: I try to capture how it feels to be a Highly Sensitive Person through very short stories.

Disclaimer: I used to have another category called Life Story, but I’ve decided to combine New Story with Life story. So, now I’ll be telling my stories as I tell you something new and exciting!