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10 Affirmations To Use Daily

Affirmations are statements that help you to focus your energy on things that you want and have a better control of your life. I started using affirmations almost a year ago. And, at the start I didn’t know what affirmations even are. It was like a trial and error until I got a hang of it. So, here I present you my top 10 affirmations I use daily so you can understand them and use them more effectively quicker.

1 I AM HEALTHY AND HAPPY. Every day you choose what to eat and how much to move your body. After going through some of life and experiencing its not so great moments, it’s easy for us to forget how amazing it feels to be healthy. And, living a healthy life becomes a burden. So, I offer to reinforce your positive feelings about healthy lifestyle by using this affirmation every time you stand in front of your fridge and choose what to eat next.

2 I AM UNDERSTANDING. It is in this time of pandemic and BLM issues that we all should try our best to understand each other. And that means understanding even those who you disagree with. When you say that you’re understanding, not only you subconsciously focus on not assuming something incorrectly, but you also let yourself attract more understanding people in your circle (from personal experience, that sometimes even changes people you already have in that circle).

3 I AM BRAVE. Every day carries some sort of stress in it no matter how little or much you do during it. Being brave doesn’t just mean being an impenetrable fortress and going after everything you want. It also means being OK with your vulnerability, with little stones life throws at us, or going that one little step closer to your dreams every day.

4 I AM EXCITED TO JUMP INTO ACTION. Affirmations do help you maintain a good quality attitude and mindset to become more productive or happier (or both). However, it is also important that you remember that to get something done you have to act on it. Unless things appear out of thin air, I’m afraid that is the only way. Saying that you’re excited helps to start acting much easier.

5 I AM BREAKING THROUGH OLD PATTERNS AND MOVING FORWARD WITH MY LIFE. How do you feel about change? Do you accept it or resist it? Every day I remind myself that whatever change I’m going through – it is what life is about. Everything is changing all the time and resisting it – is resisting life. So, break through your old patterns, don’t make it so hard for yourself!

6 I AM NOW CREATING THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. If you’re in a relationship, this one is especially important for you. The thing is, no matter how long you have been together, there should always be something new or something to work on. Every day carries an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship, so I invite you to do exactly that. Do remember though that there is no such thing as perfect, but you can try to get very close to that if you wish.

7 I AM CHOOSING ABUNDANCE. It is more and more difficult to be financially stable, as the recession worsens and more people die. Recently I have started helping artists with their scarcity mindset on Tamed Money. And, I learned that scarcity mindset really drains our energy and other resources. For example, you might think of abundance when reciting the extensive list of products you bought recently. But having a lot is not abundance. Rather, people who buy little and are indeed still very happy with life, are the ones who truly have a fulfilling life. So, I invite you today to choose abundance and let it flow into your life.

8 I AM RELIABLE. Whether there are lots of people relying on you every day or little, sometimes ego can remind you that you’re not getting enough back. In those moments, it is important to keep your ego at bay and reinforce your self-worth with this affirmation.

9 I AM COMPASSIONATE. This affirmation is also aimed at attracting a certain element into your life, in this case – compassion. How is your inner talk? Are you compassionate with yourself? Often we can be more compassionate to a complete stranger than to ourselves. Every time you slip up or do something silly, remind yourself that you deserve compassion as much as everyone else. Don’t listen to toxic people who think that you should be always strict with yourself because you are supposed to be your best ally after all.

10 I AM TRUSTWORTHY. This affirmation in my opinion is important because it supports the previous affirmation about compassion. In my life it worked because when I am trying to be compassionate I also need to let others know that they can trust me, or even that I can trust myself. Creating plans and goals in life can make us doubt whether we’ll be able to achieve it. And, every time we don’t it reinforces negative thoughts about our trustworthiness. It is important to remind ourselves that no matter what happens, we can still trust ourselves.

I would love to learn if there are any affirmations that you use regularly, so pop them in the comments!


By Jevgenija Zukova

I'm a second year university student doing Accounting and Finance course. I stand together with other female entrepreneurs to bring sensitivity into the business world, fun of art and creativity into local communities, and awareness of highly sensitive people.

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Wow! I pledge I am going to remind every single affirmations to myself!! One more I would love to add.


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Hello, and thank you for sharing ☀️. Are there times when you’re not kind? I think that when we say ‘I am kind’ that puts us in a better place to be kind, while ‘Be Kind’ somewhat implies that you should be something you’re not.


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