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Flash Fiction Saturday: Fun Fair

285 words

‘That can’t be good…’ I thought to myself.

My friends and I stood hypnotised; our heads tipped back. On the blue background of fresh spring sky, the Oxygen was carrying locked up in it humans – up and down, up and down, into the sides and spinning all the way. My lungs were loosing air just by looking at it.

I spent most of this hot evening waiting for my friends to come down from their rides. When they came to me for a bottle of water and to share their experiences, none of them questioned whether it’s a good idea to set up a pop up fair on a field with no trees. And then I would only see their backs marching on to the next crazy ride. I can only be happy that I’m not bringing their mood down.

They ran forward on already burned and stomped into the ground grass. Although, it was hard to believe that it will become green again. This wasn’t any good neither for our health, our sanity, our safety or for the environment. Yet everyone liked the overload of happy and spilling madness. So, I continued following the trail of my people and carry their bags until their funny energy spread to me. I definitely didn’t get any oxygen on that ride.

At the end of the evening, my yet to be worn out sandals let themselves known to my tired brain. I touched the back of my sore ankle as if saying ‘I hear you’. At last, just after another soon-to-melt slushie, my skin touched the cool grass. For a moment, my eyes relaxed in the comfort of setting sun.

‘That was fun.’ I smiled to myself.

Every Saturday I write a piece of Flash Fiction and I try to describe how the world looks and feels through Highly Sensitive Person’s eyes.

Unless a Highly Sensitive Person in your group is also extrovert, they will find it hard to enjoy crowded outings such as fun fairs, festivals and pub crawls. In this piece of flash fiction I was trying to capture a more extroverted HSP, the kind of person that would like to go out but is still easily overwhelmed and can seem passive at times. HSP’s are deep thinkers, so they also find it hard sometimes not to think about something deeply and just to have fun.

So, if you know of someone who is a Highly Sensitive Extrovert, then make sure you’re both on the same page about what will happen during the night out and when it will end.

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By Jevgenija Zukova

I'm a second year university student doing Accounting and Finance course. I stand together with other female entrepreneurs to bring sensitivity into the business world, fun of art and creativity into local communities, and awareness of highly sensitive people.

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