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Not Having COVID-19 VS Having COVID-19

When the first outbreak started, I was one of the people who didn’t take it all too seriously. I was too anxious to take it as something real, but at the same time I wasn’t really joking about it either. Could my attitude have prevented infection of my closest and dearest people in life?

In the past weeks of the lock-down I was driving to my boyfriends house, going shopping couple times per week, not sanitising my hands and taking precautions very lightly. My main excuse for it was: “I should be alright, I should get lucky”.

I was also very annoyed by some people in my house who were terrorising me and others with what it seemed to me ‘extreme’ precautions. It was so unpleasant that it was almost rebellious and right to resist any guidelines.

Then, my and my boyfriends mothers work in care homes where the risk of getting Covid-19 is high. At the moment, care workers receive elderly people from hospitals with ‘negative’ tests for Covid-19. But, our family learned that it is a lie. Hospitals are dumping old people who are ill with the new virus to care homes and don’t tell management a thing.

And guess what, my boyfriends mother wasn’t so lucky even with all the precautions and equipment.

It has been three days since a couple of my relatives tested positive for Covid-19. I can’t stop stressing myself out on the fact that in a week and a half some people from my family will probably be stuck in bed not being able to breathe.

It is already too late for me to complain how I didn’t take it too seriously from the day one. But I think that our attitude to it plays a role in other’s attitudes and safety.

If you and your family is still healthy and well, please don’t underestimate this virus and take as many precautions as possible. Waking up and going to sleep in fear that today may be the day that I develop the new cough – is just horrifying.

Please, stay safe everyone!


By Jevgenija Zukova

I'm a second year university student doing Accounting and Finance course. I stand together with other female entrepreneurs to bring sensitivity into the business world, fun of art and creativity into local communities, and awareness of highly sensitive people.

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