New Hair Colour

Yesterday, I dyed my hair and was very close to relapsing in my attempt to stop smoking! Let me tell you what happened.

That day I opened my eyes and a beautiful blue sky was hiding behind a curtain of my window [a perfect day for doing something fun!]. Surprisingly, I woke up earlier than my alarm. Once morning routine and studying was done, I prepared myself to dye my hair with Directions (LaRiche), colour called Plum.

I used this dye maybe two times before this. But before I would mix it with a conditioner to get a pastel purple. First time, used too much conditioner, so it washed out pretty soon and I looked like a unicorn two days after. Then, soon after that, I came up to my boyfriend and asked him “Do you want to dye with me?”, so he helped me with this dye on my second try, and it took ages! [no beauty without sacrifices!] The dye lasted a little while this time but, unfortunately, I didn’t get that pastel purple I wanted.

So this time I decided to not involve any conditioner at all. I decided its the time I experience the full power of this colour! And putting my hands in used single use plastic gloves and dipping them in the pots of dye was maybe the main reason why it went like that. The dye got everywhere: it was on my clothes, my body, my face, table, mirror, bathtub, walls and carpet! I looked like a blueberry that murdered it’s brothers for a Satanic sacrifice. And when I washed my hair, the realisation of how much I need to wash and clean didn’t even kick in fully yet. Because the bathroom looked like the blueberry monster didn’t have enough of its brothers, it had to spill blood of a unicorn all over the place.

Then later, me and Josh had a little house party. Before, drinking was a huge excuse for smoking, but not anymore. A little tipsy me last night had a big discovery – that I have the power to stop and right now is probably the best time to do it.

With the new hair colour and new habits I march into a new month of this year!


By Jevgenija Zukova

I'm a second year university student doing Accounting and Finance course. I stand together with other female entrepreneurs to bring sensitivity into the business world, fun of art and creativity into local communities, and awareness of highly sensitive people.

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