It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply

How To Start Coping With Anxiety As An HSP

Learning how to overcome or lower my anxiety wasn’t just a decision made by other people in my life. A little bit more than a half a year ago, when I realised that I was a Highly Sensitive Person all my life, I decided that the only logical thing I can do to help myself […]

Flash Fiction Saturdays – In A Forest

317 words I jumped into the greens of blueberry bushes. Long grass shook and swung from the impact, tickling my legs. My naked feet in sandals bared prickly ground made of pine needles and cones. The ants scattered in separate directions. I would spend all day in there, loitering around, bugging bugs on trees, and […]

Forest Bathing In A Town

Forest bathing recently came up in the UK and became quite popular. It is the Japanese practice of being mindful within the threes in a forest, breathing in the nature around. It is proven to be really helpful to de-stress, and it is especially helpful for Highly Sensitive People. Nurturing Souls Of HSPs When I […]


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Flash Fiction Saturday: Dementia (late post)

That morning I opened my eyes to a blinding light falling on to my bed. I pressed my hands into the white sheets, helping myself to sit up. There was someone in my room, waiting with his back turned towards me. There was a tint of nostalgia in these tall white walls. Warming rays of […]

Different Types Of Sensitivity

So after spending a month researching sensory sensitivities that some HSPs experience, I began to understand the finer differences between what HSP is actually about and how to not confuse it with other type of sensitivity. Empathy People would call Highly Sensitive People empaths, even though its not the same. Empaths are attuned or ‘sensitive’ […]

Flash Fiction Saturday: Spotlight

282 words. Maybe other people were convinced that I won’t make a mistake, but I wasn’t. I stood behind the curtains awating for my call. My brain kept pulsing with every adrenaline injection delivered by my heated blood. I couldn’t think a single thought as I stared into the large audience of this theatre. “Shouldn’t […]

When Your Friend Has Highly Sensitive Eyes

Eyesight or sense of sight is one of the most problematic and most rewarding areas for HSPs. And rightly so, after all humans have survived for as long as we have been on this planet mostly because of being able to see. While seeing horror and deeply emotional scenes on TV might give you that […]


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